About Amäy-Seed!

When I was looking a name for the biscuits I had in mind two ideas “mom” and “seed” but I wanted to be original so I started my research in indigenous language because they are the foundation of the civilisation, they represent our root.

Digging in Venezuela indigenous community, I found a word on The Pemon language, or Arekuna, an indigenous language of the Caribbean family spoken by some 30,000 Pemon people, in Venezuela’s Southeast, particularly in the Canaima National Park, in the Roraima State of Brazil and in Guyana.

I chose “amäy” that means “mom” and then I started to combine this word with others but during this game suddenly I thought in the word “amaze” and Eureka, this help me to link the indigenous term with “seed”, resulting Amäy-seed.

Amäy-seed represents my passion in cooking with seeds, because they are the beginning of everything. A little seed can be converted in a big tree or even the tiniest seed can be rich in nutrient, also an idea is the seed of a big project.

For that I want to share my passion for the seeds and natural ingredients, trough this biscuits that I create originally as snack for my little ones.

I hope you enjoy this biscuits as much as I do!

With love, Carolina xx

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